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The Lochdubh Tittle Tattler

Barney Meldrum

Barney has a startling new method to increase customLocal Innkeeper who serves poached salmon (and that's not of the culinery type) supplied by TV John McIver or Hamish Macbeth to his clients. Bought the hotel with his redundancy money and moved up to Lochdubh from Morningside.

A noted environmentalist he has recently branched out into whale watching cruises on his boat the Fat Chance which, strangely enough, almost exactly sums up the odds of seeing a whale off LochdubhBarney discusses time

Been heard to say
 If you don't buy a drink I'm going to cut my throat
 Your're talking time Man, I no longer recognise that constraintReal Audio 2 sound file8KReal Audio 3 sound file14K
 No toy boy fancy pants man is going to take you away from me Agnes
Unlikely to say
 Time gentlemen please!
In the news
 All the time
 Receiving poached fish.