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The Lochdubh Tittle Tattler

Cameron Dicks

The manager of the local branch of the Royal Hibernian Bank. Attended the Nairn Free Love Festival of '69 where he gained his nickname of Donkey Dicks for reasons we won't go into here in the interests of good taste.Cameron Dicks
Married Effie at one of the swingingest gigs ever where they painted themselves in Blue Woad, hailed the sun as it rose over Dingwall and flung themselves naked into the Caledonian Canal.
Unfortunately when his wife ran off with his car keys and a polis sergeant from Milgnavie he took up religion. He is the worst kind of bank manager - self righteous, pompous and inflexible. In no circumstances whatsoever open an account with this man if you want to retain ownership of your croft.
His hobbies are listening to church music, being chairman of the church hall sub-committee and appearing in home movies.

Been heard to say
 Thrift is a virtue that preserves purity of thought and keeps us from sinful avarice. You could say it brings us closer to God
 It's a sinful world we live in PC Macbeth and we're both put here by the Lord to turn people away from error no matter how painful that redemption is.
 Damn you Effie, Damn you
 You can hand in your cash card on the way out.
Unlikely to say
 Don't you worry about your overdraft Mr Souter.Real Audio 2 sound file17KReal Audio 3 sound file33K
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