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The Lochdubh Tittle Tattler

Doc Brown


Dr. Dougal Alexander Fleming Brown

The local doctor who seems to spend most of his time in the Stag Bar of the Lochdubh Hotel. Fond of a variety of smoking requisites which he is more than happy to share - his white clay pipe is the one to particularly watch for. The locals are aware of this and most don't partake although Hamish is known to have the odd puff or two.Doc Brown definately doesn't notice the smell
Doc at the bar again He is fond of male bonding and has a novel approach in dealing with his motoring costs - he doesn't use his car and instead cadges lifts off all and sundry. This may be due to the fact that he understands Existentialism and can quote Albert Camus

Been heard to say
 It's only St Bruno! HamishReal Audio 2 sound file3KReal Audio 3 sound file5K
 Take it easy Lachlan. Here, have a suck on thisReal Audio 2 sound file11KReal Audio 3 sound file22K
 I don't actually have any Benzedrine Constable, but if it's a wee lift you're looking for.........Real Audio 2 sound file23KReal Audio 3 sound file45K
 I guess I've just gotten used to it over the yearsReal Audio 2 sound file24KReal Audio 3 sound file48K
Unlikely to say
 Smoking is bad for you 
In the news
 Nearly all the time.
 Use of illegal smoking materials