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The Lochdubh Tittle Tattler

Constable Duggan

PC Duggan brings home the baconConstable Duggan took over the policing of Lochdubh while Hamish Macbeth was away trying his hand at recreating the final scenes of that fine Kirk Douglas film "The Vikings". He proved to be wildly popular with the local inhabitants and was more than ably assisted by TV John to fit into the local culture without ruffling any feathers.

Unsurprisingly he uncovered the hard way that Lochdubh has one of the highest per capita crime rates in the known world. But as a recompense found out that he had unknown culinary talents and was fated (like the man before the man before MacBeth) for greater things than policing LochdubhPC Duggan gets the munchies

Been heard to say
 You are under arrest and there will be no Paella
 Lookie here in this wee pottie. That's Paella made by this here fella!Real Audio 2 sound file12KReal Audio 3 sound file23K
Unlikely to say
 I'll have a pound of your fine sausages today Lachlan
In the news
 Volume Two - No man is an Island