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The Lochdubh Tittle Tattler

Esme Murray

The local school teacher and sex symbol who also runs a Bed and Breakfast establishment where Rory Campbell (who she is stepping out with) is usually more than welcome, especially for Breakfast.Esme
Esme notices that the crane goes up as well as down Esme has a shrewd grasp of the potential benefits of human sexuality in electricity generation and as such is a world renowned consultant on renewable energy resources.
Favourite tipple is pints of Orkney Breweries Skullcrusher bitter.

Been heard to say
 Eggs! Nice slow three minute poached eggs.Real Audio 2 sound file26KReal Audio 3 sound file53K
 If sexual energy generated light, Mr Campbell here could illuminate a small cityReal Audio 2 sound file27KReal Audio 3 sound file54K
Unlikely to say
 Not tonight, I've got a headache
In the news
 Nearly all the time.