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The Lochdubh Tittle Tattler

Lachie McCrae Jnr

Although Lachie Jnr is Lochdubh's very own Jimmie Dean he is one of the few young people in Scotland still able to confuse prime Moroccan Hash with cattlecake and what's more hand it into the police when his suspicions are aroused as to it's origin and it's effect on the cows. Too much blusher Lachie Jnr
However Lachie Jnr or Lachie the Man, as he is also known, is not whiter than white and like most of the inhabitants of Lochdubh is not averse to a mild bit of illegal activities.
Lachie the man Erstwhile disk jockey and radio presenter he has given up his previous fun image and successful career as a neer-do-well to develop his career as an undertaker of which he certainly looks the part. He is a renowned exponent of the use of a lump hammer in the Toulouse Lautrec method of coffin fitting.
Never too sure of women he has recently become enamoured of a Glaswegian refugee who is more than likely to fall under the spell of both Lochdubh and Lachie Jnr.

Been heard to say
 The cattle are acting awful funny on this new cattlecakelooking the part
 I'm bad assed, a boy with attitude
 Do you think I've been a bit heavy handed with this blusher
 Breasts! You never said we'd grow breasts.Real Audio 2 sound file5KReal Audio 3 sound file8K
Unlikely to say
 That'll be the Lochdubh Deluxe for you then 
In the news
 Nearly all the time.
 Illegal radio broadcasting, Contravention of food safety legislation, Burglary.