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The Lochdubh Tittle Tattler

Lachlan McCrae

Lachlan McCrae is an inveterate schemer and always quick to see an opportunity to make some cash. He is also a font of wisdom on all country matters and is a true man of the soil with a deep dislike of incomers and no respect for architectural heritage.The new Lachlan discusses Chickens
The old Lachlan Famed for his home made chutney which gains him entry into every barbie in the neighbourhood plus of course for his sausages, although you would be well not to ask as to their contents.
It is not well known that Lachlan was abducted by aliens at the end of the events recounted in A Bit Of An Epic and was replaced by a lookalike clone so convincing that no one, not even Lachie Jnr, has noticed the difference. Wherever he may now be in the galaxy we wish him well.

Been heard to say
 I've never heard of Haggis and swedesReal Audio 2 sound file34KReal Audio 3 sound file67K
 If you want to understand chickens you need to know their fundaments
 Lachie, you are a plonker!
 You're dealing with a can do company in McCrae and son.
Unlikely to say
 Give me a hit on that pipe of yours Doc Brown
In the news
 All the time
 Burglary, Attempted murder, Contravention of food safety legislation, Various driving offences, Vandalism.