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The Lochdubh Tittle Tattler

Malachi McBean

A minister of the Church of the Stony Path he has taken it's teachings to their logical conclusion by putting the stones from the path into his boots on the way to the church thus cutting down considerably on footpath erosion.Malachi goes painting
He has recently re-evaluated his marriage and has a new friend and partner in life perhaps in part because he has grown tired of Bethsheba incessantly shaking a tambourine in his ear and repeating everything he says.
Malchi makes likes Donald Although a skilled DIY painter he occasionally exceeds his brief and strays into the territory of the Highways Department although this is much appreciated by the local population as it has considerably reduced parking problems in Lochdubh.
A keen student of the cinema, he has recently seen the Donald Sutherland version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and misses no opportunity of acting out it's final scene.

Been heard to say
 I heard a low infernal laugh. I saw it. It was the beast and his name is MacBeth
 Lullahala ellahhlal lluhhaahh ulialallau!
 This paint is quick drying and non-drip.
Unlikely to say
 What a nice doggie you have there HamishReal Audio 2 sound file16KReal Audio 3 sound file33K
In the news
 Volume Two - A Perfectly Simple Explanation
 Kidnapping, attempted murder