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The Lochdubh Tittle Tattler

The Clan McLopez

Ferdinand McLopezThe Clan Mclopez are one of "The Five Families" who are notoriously famous for their illegal distilling prowess, the others of course being the McGirks, the Camerons, the McFees and the McGraws.
The McLopez are an accidental memento of a ship of the Spanish Armada wrecked on the coast near Lochdubh many centuries ago.

Half Scottish and half Spanish, Ferdinand and his sons Manuel, Jesus and Treenie have cornered the local booze market through the production of their own version of sherry (with it's famed medicinal properties) which the clan has perfected and handed down as a family secret throughout the centuries.the sherry jamboree
They hold an annual sherry tasting jamboree which is highly popular in Lochdubh and coincidentally helps keep them from being shopped to the Customs and Excise.

Been heard to say
 Pogue MahoneReal Audio 2 sound file23KReal Audio 3 sound file46K
 There should have been a choice - Paella or something Spanish for me and my boysReal Audio 2 sound file19KReal Audio 3 sound file37K
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 Anything much in Spanish
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 Volume Two - No man is an Island
 Tax evasion, VAT evasion, Production of illegal sherry