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The Lochdubh Tittle Tattler

Rory Campbell

Rory Campbell is the local shopkeeper, member of the local council, erstwhile bard, renowned karioke singer and volunteer fireman. Yes! he is a New Man, in fact he is more than this, he is truly a Renaissance Man. Rory the bard
Behind his facade of respectability Rory is one of the worlds greatest lovers possessed of amazing powers of sexual magnetism which are enough to light up a small city. Although physically short in stature (vertically challenged I believe it's called) he is also known as Big Grocer for somewhat obvious reasons. Also referred to as Sausage on occasions.
Rory discusses his bed He is the owner of Lochdubh's only home jacuzzi and emperor sized four poster bed but is not known as a laugh a minute kind of guy although paradoxically the stories of his exploits especially with sheep are guaranteed to get the Stag Bar regulars falling about laughing.
Madly enamoured of Esme Murray although his idea of romantic mood music to woo her is a wee bit lively and better suited to a Ceilidh in the village hall. He is fond of her home cooking, especially her three minute eggs.
Warning Never get into a game of strip Scrabble with this man - he cheats! (especially if your name is Esme).
Favourite tipple is Dubonet and Lemonade.

Been heard to say
 Culture! - Is it not just a piss-up at the pub?Real Audio 2 sound file3KReal Audio 3 sound file5K
 I can appreciate a woman with supple handsReal Audio 2 sound file3KReal Audio 3 sound file5K
 In a bed that size you get a tremendous feeling of space
Unlikely to say
 Asking for credit will get you a smack in the mouth
In the news
 Nearly all the time.
 Insurance fraud