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Hamish's Police Station

The Police StationThe cottage

Map reference
 Landranger Sheet 24 NG 806 336
 From the car park in Plockton either go via the walk up the Brae, Frithard Road and The Rhu or directly along Harbour Street. The walk via the Brae is recommended.
 From the Rhu go back and take the first road on the left next to a large area of grass. Follow this to the end and the house used as the 'Police Station' is at the end with a small thatched building on it's left.
 From the 'Police Station' go down to the causeway across the small inlet. You may remember Zoot MacPherrin dancing across this in "A Perfectly simple explanation" (series two).Looking back across the causeway
 Follow this and you will arrive back at Harbour Street where you should turn left for the car park.
 N.B. If the tide is in, the causeway will be under water, and you should therefore retrace your steps to the village hall and turn left onto Harbour street for the car park.

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