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Carn á Bhealaich Mhóir

This is an area which appears in many episodes in many different guises. It contains the hill in the final scenes of "Wee Jocks Lament", some of the scenery in "A bit of an epic" (both series one) and has 'Wee Macfees Bog' from "The Lochdubh Assassin" (series three).
It also contains a large population of extremely irritating flies and other biting insects along with some rather nice attractive dragonflies which have the good manners to refrain from chewing chunks out of your face,arms and legs.

Map of route to Carn á Bhealaich Mhóir

 Carn á Bhealaich Mhóir, Plockton
Map reference
 Landranger Sheet 24 NG 825 325
 You can drive partway to the summit of this hill which has fine views over Plockton, Loch Carron, the Applecross Hills and Skye.
 From the car park in Plockton turn left and head back up the road out of the village. After a hundred yards or so you will pass Plockton Primary School which was used as Esme's school in the series.At the top of the hill you will pass nearby the station. Carry on the main road out of the village until you reach the second road on the left (just before Duirinish).
 Follow this road and after several miles there is a road on the right signposted to Achnandarach and Achnahinich. This junction appears in "The Big Freeze" as the point where TV John turns into a dead end road while being pursued by the police which leads to Inspector Bruce asking "What's wrong with the man. Can't he read?"
JunctionThe junction
 Follow this road for a mile or so and you will pass over a cattle grid to the side of Loch Achnahinich - which also appears in several episodes. Continue along the side of the loch to a point where the road is blocked by a large gate giving entrance to the forest. It is possible to drive a further mile or so through the forest along the road to its highest point where there is parking space for two or three small cars.
 Please be warned that this narrow single track road through the forest is in poor condition, has ditches or vertical drops on its sides, and that there are no passing spaces at all on this section of the road i.e. if you meet any vehicle coming the opposite way you (or they) may have to reverse a considerable distance to allow the other vehicle to pass.
 If you don't want to drive the final section there are several points next to the loch where there is space to park a car. Go through the gate (be sure to shut it afterwards), continue up the hill to the next gate (shut this also), and finally you will come to the small parking space on the right of the road.
 Next to the parking space a wide track leads off on the right initially down the hill and then upwards to the top of Carn á Bhealaich Mhóir. Go through the large metal gate (again shutting it) and follow the steep track which zig zags up the hill to the TV transmitter mast. Dogs are allowed on the hill but a sign requests that they be kept on a lead because of sheep. Halfway up to the transmitter mast you will pass the spot where Rory, Doc Brown, Lachlan and Lachie Jnr indulge in a bit of 'male bonding' in "Wee Jock's Lament"
A bit of male bondingThe two lochs
 Go under the transmitter mast to the adjacent cairn. From here you can see several other small rocky hills with cairns on the top of them. Head across to the first cairn which is the hill which appears at the end of Wee Jocks's Lament and has excellent views over Plockton and the surrounding area.
Wee Jocks LamentThe view
 Then take the small path down the hill and head for the second hill with a cairn. You will see a small dead tree on the side of this hill after a hundred or so yards. To the left of this just before you would climb up the hill you will see a number of wooden stakes surrounding some rough disturbed boggy ground. This is the spot which appeared as 'Wee McFees Bog' in "The Lochdubh Assassin".
Tam finds the bog emptyThe bog
 Return back to the tree and find the path again and go up to the second cairn. From the top of this hill you will get the view across to the first cairn (and the hills of Skye) which appeared in the closing scenes of Wee Jocks Lament when TV John plays the bagpipes.
TV John plays the pipesThe Hill

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