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The Lochdubh Tittle Tattler
For sale and wanted
Want a Roman theme weekend - see Zoot. Supplier of cooking oil to the Lochdubh Hotel Funfilled, curly, land owning gent seeks lady with tractor
Carefree attractive fortyish lady farmer with 300 acres has tractor for sale Wanted new bus please contact Neil
Lochdubh Tweeds require regular supplies of fixing agent.Clan McLopez for your medicinal sherry supplies
Royal Hibernian Bank for a caring banking service. Your croft is all that is required as security for loans. Contact Mr Dicks for details MacCrae Sausages and Pickles. Entirely free from all artificial flavourings, preservatives and EU regulations. Lobsters an occasional speciality
Perception Development in Applecross now available. Make new friends! Esme's B & B for the best breakfast in Lochdubh....poached eggs a speciality
Lochdubh Garage - for quick repairs to Mercedes broken headlights. Thanks to PC Macbeth for our customers Barney's Lochdubh Seaside Safaris. Gauranteed Wildlife
The Big Grocer for all your purchasing requirements. Large jacuzzi also available for impromptu demonstrations. Mood music an optional extra. Can also offer poetic declamations of own rhyming works. Contact R Campbell, grocer, poet and quantum sexuality generator. Light bulbs and small cities lit at reasonable rates
In Memoriam
Suddenly in Lochdubh High Street. Wee Jock Macbeth. Friend and faithful companion of Hamish MacBeth, Police Constable. His passing brings such deep sorrow.
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