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Hamish Macbeth - Frequently asked questions

Are there any videos available of Hamish Macbeth?
 Two videos have been released by the BBC of episodes from series one but the episode entitled "West Coast Story" is not available on video because of copyright problems.
 The videos are in PAL format and so unfortunately unsuitable for NTSC players as used in the USA. Luckily they can be converted to NTSC video format. Shop around for prices or purchase/conversion deals.
 For online ordering of the videos try Blackstar Video who do free shipping worldwide. From my own experience of buying videos from them I'd recommend them for a fast, trouble free, service.
How many episodes were made?
Twenty episodes in all
Are they making any more?
Not at the moment. When series three was screened in the UK the BBC said that there might be one off specials in the future but I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for them
Where was Hamish Macbeth filmed?
In and around Plockton - see scenery pages for details
Is there really a Lochdubh?
There is but it's a loch called Loch Dubh (Black Loch) which co-incidentally is about ten miles from Plockton in Applecross. Map reference OS sheet 24 818 467