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Press Information sheet from "In Search Of A Rose" Series 2 Episode 2
Fact and fiction have started to merge in the village of Plockton, beautiful backdrop for the hit series Hamish Macbeth, filmed on the West Coast of Scotland. This week's episode was inspired by local entrepreneur Calum MacKenzie who runs boat trips for tourists to see the seals which abound in the waters around the village. He's so confident that the visitors won't be disappointed that he guarantees them their money back if they see no seals.
Since Calum has never been known to have to pay up, it's long been a private joke locally that he must have planted plastic seals in the bay. But when word of a possible scam reached the trading standards office in Fort William, it was no joke. An official was dispatched to check out Calum's credentials. Luckily everything was above board. "I've no need to plant plastic seals," he says. "I know where the real ones are and on a good day we can see two hundred."
Screenwriter Stuart Hepburn was amused by the story and this week's episode, "In Search Of A Rose", sees an irresistible new tourist attraction on Hamish Macbeth's beat. Unlike Calum's seal trips, however, the new whale-spotting trips in Lochdubh are not all they promise to be. Hamish is forced to investigate, while Calum's business Leisure Marine looks forward to an even busier season this year.